We use a smart algorithm that finds you the best fit schools instantly.

How it works

You sign up on our app using our super-simple registration process.

We have a chat at a time that suits you.

We approve you for work.

You get instant notifications when you've been selected for work.

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Get it on Google Play
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With Pliny, everything is transparent.

You can see the pay rate, location, and school before you accept a supply teaching job.

You don't have a recruiter trying to push you a job that you don't want.

And there's no penalties for rejecting a booking.


When you complete a job, you can review the school.

If you rate it highly you'll be more likely to be offered jobs at that school again.

If you rate it poorly, you won't be offered jobs there again.

This puts you in control of your work, so you won't have recruiters pushing you to do jobs that you don't want to.

Your Pay

Our smart algorithm means you get higher pay

If you work for Pliny then you will receive much higher pay than a traditional agency. This is because we use a smart algorithm to match jobs to teachers, meaning we don't have to pay recruiters to sit on the phones.

This means we can afford to only take a 8% daily fee compared to the 30%+ that traditional agencies take. This means if a school pays £200 a day then you will receive over £160 compared to less than £130 at other agencies.